I started this blog as my way to vent about the simply ridiculous things Kate middleton does. This is my first blog ever so please forgive me for any mistakes made. I am a fan of royal families and do understand that no one is perfect.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. How about her flying lessons ? Has a nanny for the baby she never bonded with, now she can really get away from George. What new mother takes flying lessons ? Not one who wants to be with the baby. And she hardly does any public service. Shopping,getting her hair done,renovations and decorating multiple homes {which cost the taxpayers…….}, going to “galas”, a staff and a nanny so of course she needs to learn to fly a plane. ??????????
    Poor George. His mother id disconnected.

  2. Daily Beast has published an article by Tom Sykes, saying that the lamebridges have hired a Spanish nanny because British nannies “suck”. So, the lembridges can live a life of lavish, luxurious laziness at the expense of the British taxpayer, but they want to use that same money to fund a Spanish nanny. The example given showed up the woman who employed a British nanny. She seemed to want a nanny/housekeeper/maid/general factotum all in one hit, and was outraged when that did not happen. You want a nanny, you hire one, you want a housekeeper, you hire one. Quite simple really when you think about it. A nanny is for the child (children), not to do all the jobs the lazy lady of the house thinks is beneath her.


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