Royal Tour

FYI I will not post anything about the tour until it is over, so in 3 weeks i will be sharing my thoughts .


6 thoughts on “Royal Tour

  1. waitout, do you baby George is the clueless cambridge’s biological son?
    The reasons i ask is because of the surrogate rumors & the baby’s brown
    eyes. billy, waity’s do not have dark eyes! I am confused?

    • I cant say for sure that Kate actually carried him but he does look a lot like Will. Eye colors are really weird like any other physical trait. Will has blue eyes because both his mom and dad had blue eyes. Where Kate and Pippa has hazel/green eyes but her dad has blue as well as James. In Georges case his eyes are brown because that is a dominant color from both parents. He is still a baby and his eyes may change to hazel/green but most likely stay brown. If anyone else can explain it better please do. I hope this helped.

      In Scientific Terms:
      A person’s eye color is determined by the genes inherited from their parents. The types of alleles received from the parents are assigned to certain chromosomes. The dominant genes are expressed and the recessive genes are hidden.

  2. I have been wondering the same thing for some time now and can’t find the answer. As far as I can see is that if Kate’s eyes are green and Wills blue then brown eyes are impossible. But if Kate’s eyes are hazel then it is possible for them to have a brown eyed baby. What blows my mind are the deeper implications of the surrogacy rumors and the questioning of PGs eye color suggesting that not only did she not carry the child but that it isn’t even hers biologically. That would make them both masters of major deception. Fascinating to imagine.

  3. In theory, yes, blue is recessive and brown dominant so two parents with light colored eyes should have a kid with light colored eyes.
    But the color of the eyes is not as much of an exact science as diseases. (dominant + recessive = the dominant is seen, the recessive exists but is “asleep”)

    I, for instance, have brown eyes but if you look closely there are many colors. This is not a dichotomy with light recessive versus dark dominant. Many colors can be seen and you can’t reduce it to the 2 alleles on 2 genes. My mother has light green eyes with blue inside, so what is the color of her eyes ? It’s indescriptible.

    My father has very dark brown eyes but his parents both had very blue eyes. If you listen to the pure theory this shouldn’t exist because if my grand parents had had the brown allele it would have “expressed” itself and my grand parents (or at least one of them) would have had brown eyes.
    But my father is totally my grand parents’ son (they all look like, and no, my grand father didn’t have a brother if that’s what you think).
    The reason for that is there are MUTATIONS. I was born with blue eyes, like my sister, but mine changed to turn into a sort of hazel. My father too was born with blue eyes and it turned brown. My sister kept her blue eyes. In the case of the color of the eyes, the genotype (the alleles on the gene) and the phenotype (the alleles that express themselves and can physically be observed on the person) are not as closely linked as in the cases of a disease for instance.

    I studied this at school so you can believe me, George really is their son and you shouldn’t say the contrary based on a science you don’t understand.

  4. Friends, the kate middleton criticism website has an article called” Kate Middleton: a
    very unsuitable duchess & future queen consorter!” It certainly sums up waity.

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