Royal Tour

FYI I will not post anything about the tour until it is over, so in 3 weeks i will be sharing my thoughts .


Royal Photographer

Catherine is always smiling and it’s a very natural smile, which doesn’t seem forced like you get with a lot of high-profile figures. She also has taken to royal convention well, with a natural poise and grace, while choosing clothes which show off her style. She has a lot going for her – she’s pretty, very natural and is always so well-presented. I have taken thousands of photos of her from all angles and I can say that she hardly ever looks bad or miserable in photos. She has a great smile and that’s what the public associate with her.

– Royal Photographer Sam Hussein
All i can do is laugh at this, and wonder did this guy get paid extra money to say this. Kate has poise (no), grace (definitely not), smile that isn’t forced ( wrong again).  Notice how he runs out of things to say about her and brings up clothes, which is the only the anyone can say about her. Its really bad. The poise and grace part was in the job description he just decided to repeat it because he doesn’t know anything else about Lazy.  what do you guys think, was he paid extra or is Kate really like he says?