Cambridge’s Family Portrait









Well have you seen the new family portrait? This was released the same day Will and Kate decided to come out of hiding to attend a wedding. Which are really one the few things they are consistent with, if only attending a friends wedding was considered work. Everything about this photo looks natural until you get to Kate. She looks miserable, we haven’t seen this forced, I don’t wanna do this smile in a while. I was disappointed when i read an article granted it was from the dailymail, i was still pissed.

“Never before has a Royal portrait beckoned to an audience with quite the same promise of effortless informality.”

Um, what? Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip did the same pose with their two oldest when they were still kids. Its so annoying that tabloids make it seem like will and Kate are the first to do anything at all. Anyways the most important part of this portrait is Prince George, he is actually adorable and probably giving Will and Kate hell. What do you guys think?


Happy Family





4 thoughts on “Cambridge’s Family Portrait

  1. Another obvious attempt to hide his eyes which are the image of the surrogate/egg donor (name on the net). This was inadvertently leaked by a member of KP staff!

  2. Why in the world a baby profile. If it is true they cannot hide George
    forever & people are going to put 2 & 2 together! This picture only
    raises more suspicions!

  3. these two are a pair of losers, this has been photoshoped to death! And why is that ugly dog always in the photo seriously? Kate looked horrible at the weeding, she looks skeletal, when are these two ever going to work, UK should be a republic!

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