Which British Royal are you?

OMG! Batman why does this exist, i couldnt stop laughing because i took it to see which one i would and i got Prince George. I’m really confused about why George is even on this list the world has seen him a couple of time and know nothing about his personality. Anyways i actually found someone that got Duchess of Cambridge and whole paragraph sent me rolling. Its all lies i tell you all lies, take a look…

The Duchess of Cambridge:

Your motto in life? Work hard and be nice to people. You’ve always been a polite, sweet person, but you’re also motivated to achieve your goals. For fun, you like to take walks and read a good book, and you consider your family to be among your best friends. While you still enjoy a night out on the town and life’s simple pleasures, you’ve come to appreciate the luxuries life can offer.


I highly dought that Kate’s motto in life is to work hard, more like hardly work. I do wonder if the person that created this and wrote up each royal member was laughing when he/she wrote Kate’s “motto”. Well if you want to take the test here it is, i would love to know who you get if you do.



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