Dinner, Donation, and a Doctor

So apparently Will and Kate went to a dinner last night for their charity, oh and Prince Harry. Seriously, I feel really bad for Prince Harry because if was to attend this dinner by himself then no one would have mentioned, like no one talked about him playing in the Invictus Games. The tabloids piss and shit bricks when Will and Kate are even mentioned.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry last night attended their charitable foundation’s chairman’s dinner at Buckingham Palace.

@RE_DailyMail (via britishroyals)

Then we get to today were Prince William honors the doctor that birth Prince George. He is doing these more and more which is good but there could be more. The doctor did not reveal what he spoke to Will about, which I honestly think is a really awkward question especially seeing as though the thing the two men have in common is seeing Kate’s bits.

Then lastly I came across an article about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge giving an unexpected 5k donation to Rhyl Flood Appeal. The thing I find interesting is that a one night stay at Maldives cost more than 6k. I found it to be completely rude, these two brats go on a trip where the stay cost more than 6,000 per night and you come back and decide to kiss ass and ask for forgiveness by donating only 5k. Here’s and idea Will and Kate the next charity you donate to you should match the final cost of your vacation and donate that amount.

What are your thoughts on today’s events so far?


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