Irish Guard

Will and Kate came back from their vacation just in enough time to grace us with their presence. Today they attended the Irish Guard barracks for St. Patricks day something they have been doing since they were married and probably will continue so long as the booze is free.

Ray Kidd, 72, a former regimental cook, said: “I asked him if he’d bring George next time and he said ‘yes that’s a good idea, I’ll try and get him fitted for the uniform’.

Prince William said today that “one is enough at the moment” little prince is “very busy crawling and eating”.

I really can’t say much about this appearance because the only thing to talk about is her clothes, which i must say she found a coat in green at an appropriate length. The dolly curls seem to have been thrown out of the window only to allow you to be still annoyed by her hair still. It looks so messy like she woke up hungover and decided to come outside. I have noticed that she doesn’t play in her hair as much when the damn curls aren’t there. I notice in the second video how lost Kate is she looks like she doesn’t know what up and whose who, there was no guidance from William at all. What else can i say, they look nicely tan, thanks Kate for not flashing us? ummm… There’s nothing happening here, sorry i can’t do any fluff. I have a headache after seen this. Have a Good Day.


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