Prince George Christening

Prince George Christening

1. Kate is in protocol
2. They both look like adults rather than children
3. No dolly curls
4. George looks more like Kate than William
5. she actually remember how to curtsey


8 thoughts on “Prince George Christening

    • Couldn’t agree more, it didn’t seem a joyous occasion and there have been many comments on how glum/miserable the Queen looked. A very odd situation.

  1. Hello, i have been reading your articles and comments for months. recently i signed up to receive e-mails from your website. I agree 100% with everyone here on this website & i am glad that i have found people agree with me about billy and lazy!
    I would like to draw your attention to the website called royal gossip psychotic because, an article on October 21 waity freeloaded of baldy for ten years! I found the article well written, honest with a lot of facts! I speaks volumes about k.m.

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