Video of Prince George Christening.

I find it quite odd that the Queen doesn’t act a great-grandmother in this picture. There no bond even with William and Kate. Its like their just holding someone else’s baby for the time being.


Kate likes shiny things

On September 12th Kate did what Kate does best, she showed up to a glitz glamour event and was deked out in sparkles. There really isn’t much that I can say about this outfit other that its nice to see her in something that has personality. But the color of it makes it soooooo boring. And what’s up with the under arm area, I am sure we are not suppose to see the linen in her dress. Her make up was over done as usually she pilled on the blush and eyeliner didn’t she. I will like to end with will went Balmoral and went hunting after attending this event and his interview about his love for Africa and preserving its wildlife.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend The Royal Society The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at The Royal Society in London. Tusk Conservation Awards - London