Sensible footware?


I’ve come to a conclusion that Kate has never been taught what sensible shoes are. What do I mean by sensible?

Ex: wearing flip flops/sandles when its raining cats and dogs outside.

I actually liked Kate’s outfit today. But I still hate those god awful skinny jeans and wedges.

As far as her “surprise” appearance goes she seemed happy and nervous. She played with her hands more today than any other time I’ve seen her. You would think she would be comfortable like William in a place where she’s been living for a couple of years. Not! Lighten up Kate this is the place you should always feel welcomed rather than it looking like you’re in another country. Will looked at ease with his hand in his pocket and cracking jokes. He looked really tired today, right? Maybe he’s the one that’s been staying up with the baby.

Im kinda getting annoyed by their responses about prince George being a cry baby (no point intended). But come on what do you expect from him. Kate seems like a very stand offish person especially around children so maybe he just needs a mothers touch. I am looking forward to seeing how Kate continues to react to the child that’s annoyed by its own house hold. Will this result in more actual royal duties, more time shopping or her staying in hiding? I wish Kate would do something with that hair of hers she looked like she shaved the hair off one of Lupos relatives.


One thought on “Sensible footware?

  1. In the child’s astrology is actually shows a feeling of not being loved by either parent. Sad ! Sun and Moon squared by Saturn. There are other meanings to that as well, but…..yes.
    Waity the Duchess of Wedgies …did someone drop her on her fat head when she was a baby ? And she’s….crazy for wedgies and tight pants ? I think she’s crazy.

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