How to keep surrogate rumors alive….




17 thoughts on “How to keep surrogate rumors alive….

  1. She was flat in the family pics, no bump and it was 7 days after birth. Look at Carla Bruni ( took her 18 months ) Do they think we are so stupid

  2. Mysha (hi Romilly and Waityout)

    Unfortunately they do think we’re stupid because the British class system equates lack of wealth and title with stupidity. There are many of us trying to fight the constant brainwashing and lies which means you also take on an old well entrenched hierarchy which many are still sentimental about.

    There are several forums online where you can learn more as well as express your doubts with others of the same mind. Royal Dish. Royal Gossip. Duchess or Diva. Duchesschicana and Stirring Trouble Internationally as well as our Anyonebutwaity.

    If you ever comment on the Daily Mail don’t be upset if you’re red arrowed. It just means the PR people are bogging the arrow system down and you’ve hit a nerve for them. For us that is a good thing and it takes balls to stand up and say the truth even if you get flack.


  3. Britain deserves better look at princess charlene from south africa but doing a wonderful job and her dressing well, isnt that how a princess should look!!! What the hell is good about WAitY!!!!!

  4. Mysha – no they don’t think we are stupid but they know there is nothing we can do if we don’t like how they behave/what they do

  5. Apparently breast pads mentioned on another blog – who are they kidding?! The most ridiculous PR generated c–p! The whole world knows George was carried by a surrogate and it is just a matter of time before the promised books are out documenting and referencing the events. There will be no doubters then.

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