Relaxed Family Photos

So they finally released the family photos that were apparently hand picked by Kate. This is what the Cambridges look like when they are relaxed and natural. I honestly think Lupo and baby George are the relaxed ones in the photo. What are your thoughts?



6 thoughts on “Relaxed Family Photos

  1. I agree. Billy looks as stiff as an ironing board and The Waiting Stalker looks so contrived in her posing. She really thinks that she is so beautiful.

  2. These two ‘photos (taken by Mike ‘Testino’) were obviously chosen as the best of a probably large bunch. They both look extremely strange and detached in the first one and Bill looks decidedly uncomfortable.
    At least there isn’t too much of a manic grin from Waity, in fact hers and Bill’s eyes look quite dead. Not an attractive baby I am afraid and I feel sorry for him with everyone throughout his life wanting to snatch some DNA to confirm the surrogate/not waity’s egg theory.
    They cannot be unaware of the fast moving surrogate stories which are flying round the Internet at the speed of light and their uncomfortable demeanour shows it. There are some extremely interesting observations on the Royal Gossip surrogate thread regarding this.

  3. If these are the “best” I’m glad we haven’t seen the “worst”. They are a huge disappointment. If she’s always wanting to copy Diana then copy Diana right! Wm’s 1st baby picture had both Charles and Di interacting with baby Will and truly relaxed, Di was NOT wearing the huge ring, and the baby was between them both not being “commandeered” by the mother like Kate is doing.

  4. Terrible. The baby looks like a prop, and they’ve got him tightly wrapped I guess so he can’t move. No one looks at him. Waity is so fake I want to scream. I loved Diana’s photos with baby William. Love for William just burst from Diana. But Waity scares me. That is a good example there, of her trademark maniac-grin.

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