Interesting video from Romilly…

Thanks Romilly for the video.


3 thoughts on “Interesting video from Romilly…

  1. If the British keep putting up with the scandalous “Royals”, they are going to lose all respect in the world. People in the world are fighting and dying for their freedoms. The British are just lying back and being humiliated and walked on by the Wicked Windsors and now the absurd Middleton family. These people have been getting by with everything and anything they want to do for centuries. Monarch needs to be cut from the pages of history. They are shameful, act like a bunch a nuts, and are unbelievablyunintelligent.

  2. That computerized voice was creepy!
    It brought up many interesting points though. Is true that Kate didn’t look like she had just given birth at all and yes William’s comment about how its the first time they really saw him and were “catching up” was strange. But if anything that speaks more to the fact that they had much more help than they let on, and that they are completely lying when they say they will not have nursemaids and nannies.
    I had heard of some women’s feet growing a size during pregnancy so yes I find it a bit strange that a pair of shoes that used to fit Kate well before pregnancy would fit her again after, especially there being no swelling, but there are variables, aka a different (larger) pair, her feet didn’t grow.
    If Kate used a prosthetic belly I totally believe she would have taken it off to come out of the hospital skinny as ever.

  3. I fully believe that a surrogate was used. There are so many variables between the “pregnancy” she had compared to millions of women. With her high heels, lack of the slight bending backwards that normal pregnant women do, the belly outside the hospital looks rock solid, and a post birth belly is softer; not to mention that several times she had to hoist up the belly – and not only that, but the belly size changed on a constant basis.
    Compare Kate’s walking to Diana’s – no woman can walk so easily so soon after birthing. Ouch!

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