Job done pt. 2

So first thing first congratulations to Jimmy Fallon and Penelope Cruz on their newborns. Kate wasn’t the only person that had a baby. Secondly Kate has done her duty and well. She carried a baby for 9 months, had a “Marilyn Monroe” moment,  and gave birth to a boy. Women do it everyday….

1. Kate keeps trying to pull the late princess Diana into everything. a simple dress without the polka dots would’ve let that woman rest for the day.
2. Everyone is praising her on how beautiful she looked. No credit to her hair dresser who showed up before they walked out. The permanent eyeliner and training on smiling even when in pain came in handy.
3. At least the baby looks like Will so you can’t say its Harry’s. But did she actually carry the child herself. Maybe they had to “get rid of” the surrogate which is why they took forever to walk out.
4. Honestly I believe Will is going to be the adult in this marriage. He walked out looking as though he changed into a man…
5. While kate still looks like scared child.


3 thoughts on “Job done pt. 2

  1. That commentary about William finally being the adult seems to be quite on point, great observation! Do you remember early in the pregnancy when Will/Kate went to some theater event, the camera caught her acting like a teenage girl, looking bored, gape-mouthed laughing, leaning over and giggly whispering to Will. That is when Will seemed unamused by her, much as a parent is unamused at the antics of their restless child.

  2. When you said Waity had a hairdresser all I could think of was, “really” ?! You can’t tell from the photos. Kate often looks sloppy and her hair looked like she’d only run a comb through it. And those wedgies…my God. Someone separate her from the constant WEDGIES. Princess Diana always had fantastic shoes, all different styles and colors. She was a joy to look at. But you can almost wager 100% that Waity will be wearing either blue or ivory colored wedgies,on any day. Aarrggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!.
    Yes,Waity really failed miserable again, pathetically trying to tie in Diana by wearing polka dots. If she had any sense at all, she’d never try to copy Diana. When you compare the two of them, Waity will always lose. And yes, Waity is still a dope not a grown woman.

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