Job done

Kate finally did what she was paid to do. And its a boy apparently 8lbs. Geez.


8 thoughts on “Job done

  1. that we cant call a job coz women around the world r making babies ! But lazy waity must be rewarded with tiaras, lavish vacations, helicopter rides, blowouts! Shopping more shopping ! Shes a JOKE? Open ur eyes guys!

    • I totally agree its like if she is getting rewarded for the bad behavior that she is known for. After tricking a prince you cant tell me that a woman this age and time deserves all this absolutely ricdiculous.

  2. Im sure kate got a push present. Apparently Will gave her a bear (tell me what you really think of your wife will) but im sure she’ll be showered with jewels and vacations. The royals can’t say anything now that she’s produced a male heir. I think her head is only gonna get bigger.

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