AuNatural Middleton Women…

So I’ve realized that the Middleton women is a little bit suspicious. More around the terms of permanent rather than them waking up everyday to put on eyeliner. Now i do believe that there isn’t anything wrong with that especially if you always stick yourself in the eye or just hate putting on eyeliner. But last i checked the media has purposefully been branding them as natural especially Kate.

Kate has had the permanent eyeliner since 2005 when she was first “spotted” on a skiing trip with William and his family. That would explain why her makeup never smudge when she was on the Asia tour.


Here she is entering the hotel before her wedding…


Carole has the same permanent eyeliner but because her eyes are a little puffier its harder to notice the eyeliner, but trust me its there.





Pippa seems to be the only smart of the group and wears extra eyeliner so that it looks more natural. Which makes me wonder if she was pressured into doing the procedure because mommie dearest made her. Here she is with out extra eyeliner…Image

And here she is with extra eyeliner…


I’m sure your wondering why i believe that theyve had the surgery. Well someone on tumblr actually brought up the possibility and being the geek that i am i had to do some research on the procedure. Here’s the link for more information

How long does permanent makeup last?
Permanent cosmetics are permanent in that you will always have a permanent marking on your skin. However, over time, you will notice a gradual softening of color occuring each year. Many women feel that this is advantageous, as they feel that their permanent makeup will age with them.

“Color enhancements” are recommended for those who wish to keep their permanent makeup looking as fresh as possible. Generally, every 2-8 years or so, depending on color, individual body chemistry, and lifestyle. Pricing on color enhancements are greatly reduced, and individually assessed.



So what are your thoughts? Would you get this done? Or have you have this done?