Royal Box family

Really is that whats going on now days they just let anyone in the royal box i assumed it was for the up most important people. Not saying the Middletons aren’t important but they really haven’t done anything besides have a family member marry a prince. I’m actually looking for uncle Gary to show up next in the royal box. So far tweedle dee and tweedle dum have showing up together and today mommie dearest and her side kick made an appearance.

Can you say hungry eyes, well you cant really see them but you get my point this woman wasn’t watching the game she was smiling into the camera the whole time. Am i the only one who thinks that looking like your 50 something year old mother is worse than your mother look like a 20 something year old you. It also doesn’t help when you share clothes with your mother either.

P.S. – Did anyone notice how Orangeina looked after Princess Michael of Kent acknowledged her presence. And the crazy look she was giving Condoleezza.


What are your thoughts:


2 thoughts on “Royal Box family

  1. When Princess Michael acknowledged Her Orange Wannabe Royalness, the Pippass looked like she was going to blow a gasket with excitement. This goes to show that the rest of The Firm doesn’t acknowledge any of the LowTrashes existence.

  2. pippa is so ugly cant stand her, i wish the spencer blondies lived in britain they could pippa and waity out of action, spencer blondies u rock!

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