Target Kate

Target Kate

Sorry this is the only thing i can ever think of when i see this picture. And guess what they both love to shop.

P.S. for those who do not know who that is, its Kristen Wiig from Saturday night live playing the target lady. look it up she’s pretty hilarious.


6 thoughts on “Target Kate

  1. I am totally grossed out by Waity. I think she is really a horrible human being. She is so fake and just plain not nice. She only behaves properly when she is forced to by the powers that be. I am so tired of the sugarcoated spin that is put out about her and her nasty family.

  2. I guess I am old fashioned because I feel like a princes or queen should be elegant and refined.I think of Grace and Diana and Victoria…but Kate is coarse and vulgar (remember those skinny jeans?) She acts like a silly school girl grinning all the time. She has 2 expressions…Joker-style smile and Joker-style smile.
    Oh she and Willy-boy will ruin the British monarchy.

    • Have you notice when she is doing public duties she is smiling then when they catch her shopping she don’t look at them at smiles or waves nothing she talks to her mom or her fetch girl that carries her purse and she totally ecnores everybody else its like she is to good to look at anybody or talk to anybody it’s kinda really weird and freeky its like there two different people (multipersonality) all over it or one bad fake ass!!!

      • Yes I have noticed it and she’s always been like that. The perfect example of her acting fake is when she was receiving orchids from a lady while on tour in Singapore.

  3. @ India: fake is a very apt description for KM. On some occasions cameras do catch the moment her fake smile collapses (eg during a function on the Asia trip after a handshake she turns to walk away) and her face reflects her true feelings: displeasure and annoyance.

    @ Angelique: I agree. Though if KM has some substance I might forgive the inappropriate clothing choices…sad thing is she has made no progress to improve her mind or her attire.

    • Oh Maria, you are so right. We all would be so much more forgiving of her inappropriate vulgar clothing choices if she was a truly nice person. But she is not. And the truth about her character has been duly recorded throughout the years for all the world to see regardless of the spin that the Palace constantly spews out to all the world to lap in complete and total ignorant adoration.

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