Ketchup to Kate!

I’m back from out of space to come here and find that same creepy smile upon kate’s face…

So i decided upon bullet point to makes things a little simpler.

1) Hope house

  • Nicely tanned from her vacation on that public beach
  • Did anyone see the part where she shook the lady’s hand and pulled her hand towards her . I thought that was really weird.
  • Not going to base this appearance on  the fact that it was a cold day and she is wearing only a dress
  • Food baby was on display
  • New ring apparently from William looks as cheap as he is.
  • Still wearing 6 inch hill its ok when she starts to waddle she’ll learn her lesson.


2) Quick stop in Switzerland for a wedding

  • Kate does more weddings than she does charity work sooner or later they will be considered royal duties.
  • New coat, some furry animal she probably killed herself around her neck,  same of grannie dress, same shoes and hat as always
  • She took a walk by herself oh wait she’s with her bodyguard they just cut him out because he’s not important.
  • Snuggled up to harry, “oh I forgot William came with us”
  • But I will give her a half a point for having gloves (fashion accessory); I never understood why she didn’t in the past. You do know the queen wears gloves to protect her from those horrible germs.


3) Visiting Grimsby

  • You’re late, you’re late for a very important date. Yes she was late apparently because of the fog 2 hours late.
  • Helicopter for a quick appearance.
  • Same coat that I’m starting to think is fading. New dress same heels.
  • Everyone said she had a Beyoncé moment but unfortunately that’s what happens when your belt is too tight for you and your coat is probably getting too small in the stomach area.
  • Favorite thing about this visit is the creepy mannequin that was checking her out.
  • My other favorite moment was the little boy picking his nose while she was talking to him.
  • Caused frenzy when she let a letter slip. Kate gave them the D…


4) Cheltenham festival

  • Old coat was nice to see it again but it was poorly altered. The place where the old button makes it look like she was a little cold
  • both dress and coat are super short
  • she has a new pair of earrings (push present(s))
  • another celebrity appearance


5) St. Patrick’s day with Irish guards

  • She got slammed for wearing the same coat that she wore last year. I don’t know why people were upset Kate seems to be in denial about been pregnant at least when it comes to clothes.
  • This was the moment I started to think Kate was doing her own hair because that hair was messy.  Maybe she’s trying to cut back on spending so they can finish renovating anmer hall.
  • It seemed like she was on some kind of drug more than usual at least and I think William knew maybe she was drunk, idk.
  • William left her stand by herself twice and here


6) Child bereavement center

  • Kate is still in denial about how growing a little person in clothing wombs will alter her clothing. This dress and coat were already short but even shorter because of her belly. Not appropriate at all.


7) Underground with the Queen

  • Yah! The important news is that this was the first public appearance the queen has made since she was sick. She looked a little pale and looked like she lost some weight but in great spirits.
  • Probably the most appropriate coat she’s worn in a while if only it was longer. We get it Kate your legs are skinny even when you’re pregnant. Congrats.
  • Learned her lesson from the past events and didn’t walk in front of the queen or prince Phillip
  • Apparently she invited herself to the event. But honestly we will never know and I think the queen only agreed to her coming along because she knew that it would get out eventually that she either accepted or denied her joining her. Again the queen is a Taurus and they don’t like conflicts.


8) Scouts visit

  • People were confused about her visit the camp, but to clear things up she is not the president Prince Edward is Kate is just a volunteer.
  • I have a problem with the cameras there if this is just her volunteering. Any other time she’s volunteered there have not been cameras, why now Kate.  I think she just wanted to finish the week out on top and in the snow.
  • Her paint on jeans kind of not appropriate for the weather or the event.
  • Full make and jewelry yeah not appropriate.
  • The fake smile was out and being creepy.
  • She get and +1 because she actually got her hands dirty when making twists. But she was not thinking when she did that because she was wearing her rings. Gross Kate your rings have germs on them all the reason not to wear them.
  • Another photo op. do you remember the last time she was with the scouts in the woods. Well she can’t learn from all of her mistakes in 3 years.
  • Oh apparently she said she’s going to work ‘til she drops.



So what did we learn?

  • Kate is skinny even when pregnant
  • There is not wrong time to wear full makeup
  • Dressing appropriate in not a concern
  • She seems like she making eye contact more
  • In denial about the pregnancy when it comes to clothes
  • Learned her lesson about walking in front of the queen and prince Phillip
  • Weather does not affect fashion choices
  • William still leaves you standing alone
  • Her hand has Velcro on it that’s why it’s always in the same place, and of course to show off her growing womb.
  • Trademarked her name for clothing which is fitting because that’s all the news reports are about
  • OH! She said she will work ‘til she drops. (made me laugh)
  • And Kate is also not about that lavish life (please don’t get me started)
  • Wants her kids to have a normal upbringing (maybe next lifetime)

Weigh in and tell me what are your thoughts are about Kate and her back-to-back events.


4 thoughts on “Ketchup to Kate!

  1. Hello, welcome back!
    I’ve never seen the little boy picking his nose pic before. It is very funny!
    And I don’t think PW respects her.
    I’m nearly out of words about her dress/skirt/coat lengths. They are just not appropriate for official engagements.

    • it was when she was in Leicester with the Queen and Prince Phillip. There is protocol unless they changed it. But i will find the information and share it with everyone.

  2. It’s funny when I read that diva isn’t about the lavish life (ha ha) her and bill was showed all the apartments at kp to see witch one they wonted and walla she picks the buggiest one plus it has cost the tax payers money in sooo many ways because

    Number one: they had it lease out and it was offices and a museum were people was paying money to go and see the history of kp
    Plus the city was getting rent every month!!!

    Number two: The tax paying people had to buy the lease back plus find them another place to have there offices and pay extra for them to move ASAP just so bill and diva can get moved in right away!!!

    Number three: the renavations has took for ever and in just six months it has cost the tax payers over millions of dollars

    Number four: with it being a four story apartment it will cost a out rages amount for security just to protect them all day long!!!

    I could go on and on and on but we all get the point WASTED MONEY!!!!!!

    Now kp has to support them they don’t pay nothing free free free rent food electric sercurity ect. Ect…

    There was smaller apartments that was empty that was just as good with nothing wrong with them !!!! Princess Margret is proberly rolling over in her grave right now

    When that museum was open a part of her was alive still now like when she was alive she is still being walk on but that’s another bitch sestion

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