I know that its been a long time since I have written anything about about Kate. Well I’m thinking of doing a monthly recap of her events because 3 jobs, sleep, and working on my mba takes up most of my time. This will also reduce the number of me repeating myself, especially with kate grouping events together like she did last week. So there will be a new post on Sunday 31 probably around midnight because that’s easter for me. I look forward to reading your coments.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Welcome back Waityout. Hi Romilly.

    Did you catch the horrible scout photo op the other week?

    Note to Kate Middleton:
    If you’re truly interested in kids you don’t need to do heavy make up, jeggings or vulgar rings when you’re around them. And if some silly trophy wife had appeared at one of my sons scouting groups in skin tight jeans like you did you would have been given the heave ho. Time to grow up little girl.

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