See Kate work?

I feel as though we are gonna get a lot more boobage from Kate. But I will say its nice to see her out actually “working”. By the way I would like to point out that the only reason why her stomach appears to be big in one pic and nonexistent in another is because of the way she stand and walks. I caught a really good episode of I think it was the ruts banks so, anyways she was explaining how the way you walk or pose affects what the lower half of your body will look like in a pic. I immediately thought of Kate when she had the skinny girl with no hips or waist pose with her hips thrust forward. This is a movie that you could easily spot in a model, they all do it on the runway and in photos. This was the moment I realized that this was the reason for Kate walking like this when no one else in her family does. It’s an illusion, I’m not saying she isn’t pregnant but the coming months are going to be hard on her back. She already has bad posture along the model walk and the weight of the baby they might say bed rest during her last months. Which won’t be anything new because she’s been on bed rest since her and William started dating (do what you please with that sentence).

By the way I’m kicking myself for saying this but I can see why Kate hasn’t been done much of nothing now that she’s pregnant. I have a cousin who is 4 months along, same build, height and had the same problem at the beginning of her pregnancy. The difference is that my cousin hates to sit still and because she was moving around too much started bleeding and was told to go on bed rest so maybe that’s the case with Kate. Well not really they may want to avoid the complications so early in the pregnancy and my cousin actually still goes to work everyday. And its not because Kate is carrying a prince/princess i believe that’s an insult because every mother believes their child is their little prince or princess. It’s mainly because everyone around her enables her and she’s never had to work for something.

Ok I’m done I rambled in that last section disregard if must. What are your thoughts, food baby or real baby?


2 thoughts on “See Kate work?

  1. There are so many suggestions on the Internet that a surrogate is carrying Waity’s baby – who knows? The whole hospitalisation for alleged HG etc left so very
    many unanswered questions and the fact that she appeared so soon after release looking fit,
    healthy and glamourous in that dark green ensemble compounds it. Whatever, a poor woman died due to her admittance.

    I can look 6 months pregnant if I breathe out and extend my stomach –
    not difficult and the fact that she was frolicking with a barely there ‘bump’ exposure on a public beach means she WANTS to
    be seen with ‘alleged bump’ or she is completely brainless – take your pick!

  2. I was suprized to see her back so soon from her luxurious holiday with wills. Her first official public appearance shows that she is pregnant, but you never know a woman can eating too much position stomach in a strange way and appear pregnant.

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