Kim-vs-Kate : 4 months


Last time we left puff with the tally
Kim had 1 for getting Roland Mouret popular vote and Kate had 2 for the pimping moms. So let’s take a look, oh and if I for something let me know:

– vacation vote = this is a hard one because if Kim isn’t on vacation she is working. But Kate has been on a vacation at least for the past 4 months. It’s so hard.

– baby bellies = Kate because Kim is carrying her baby in her ass. Plus walking like a model or should I say mannequin helped her a lot.

– work = Kim won this vote only because her she can’t sit still. I still believe these two are having late night chats on the phone about what to do next. Bffs. 

– men = they both get a point for this I shouldn’t have to explain kanye and will to you by the way did you know the two have meet during the concert for Diana. Interesting.

Kim – 4     Kate – 4
Oh man someone needs to step up their baby game because neither of these girls seem like the sharing type. ( gave the vacation vote to Kim)


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