I call it a lesson not learned…


OH look these two were caught on their vacation and it doesn’t surprise me at all. Unfortunately i don’t have sympathy for them this time around. Why?

  • they were on a public beach
  • apparently she was also topless. AGAIN!!
  • she is considered a celebrity in other countries (an image she made herself)
  • they are on another holiday after not working
  • baby-moon? which is actually suppose to be later in the pregnancy
  • ruined other guest of the island stay
  • her and/or a family member(s) are friends with a pap
  • they released where they were going on vacation, bad idea what did you think was going to happen.
  • How is it that chi magazine is able to find them twice and be first at publishing pic? coincidence or conspiracy?

What are your thoughts, are the paps out of line now that Kate is pregnant? Or were they doing their jobs and taking a pic of celebrities?

P.S. If and when they are released i will share the pics.


7 thoughts on “I call it a lesson not learned…

  1. They need to decide what they want to be: if it’s being celebrities then well celebs get photographed (and not always in moments of their choosing) so get over it.

    There’s nothing wrong with going on vacation but they just don’t seem to do much else. Royalty is supposed to serve the country. I know HM didn’t work full time during her first couple of married years but at least she helped with the war effort etc prior to that.

    Waiting for PW’s reaction. More lawsuits?

  2. Thank you for the lovely post on waity and williboy. Personally i have lost a lot of respect for these two. They spent most of 2012 doing nothing worth admiring, they did create scandals, they threatened people and demanded jail time forthe papparazzhi. In 2012, the almost ruined the queens celebration with their childish behavour e.g parading topless, going to a popular hospital to attract attention and sympathy and putting on outfits that attract attention. Do be honest i expect more rubbish behaviour from these two. And people say they are role models to society, seriously. Glad CHI Magazine is going to publish those pics.

    • I only realised the other day that the red dress she wore (to see her own portrait I think) is slightly sheer, well I could see her bra (at least she was wearing one). This in addition to the plunge neckline. Pretty inappropriate.

  3. I’m a little skeptical about the chain of events that resulted in the published bikini photos.
    Secretly, I think CMidd made a deal with Chi. She would set up a “shoot”, get Lazy and Waity on a public beach, and then call the paps. Chi buys the pics and CM gets her cut. This was planned.
    Mommy probably figured that someone would make money over the photos, so it might as well be her.

  4. It is so odd to me that Will has known the Midds for 10 years but seems unaware of their seedy, opportunistic side. He is either dumber than dirt or just unable/unwilling to face the truth about the Midds’ morals and standards or just as seedy as they are.
    I absolutely do not believe he is mentally fit to be King. He should abdicate. I honestly think he wants to, anyway.

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