Vacation Please!!

Wow these two have been doing nothing but work, work, work. That is the only reason why they would be going on vacation yet again. I can’t really comment on these two anymore they are beyond the definition of lazy, so i leave you with the link to there vacation. By the way i think they should just live on this island permanently, they get the full package (no cameras, no work, everything is free). What are your thoughts on their vacation to Mustique.


6 thoughts on “Vacation Please!!

  1. The public are even more dissolutioned with this lazy, celebrity life style pair who seem to have no thoughts whatsoever about people struggling in the UK and paying their taxes to protect this idle pair. The Internet is awash with negativity and criticism and even supporters are questioning their
    misjudgement at going on yet another vacation after hardly any charity work and an over the top selfish and indulgent lifestyle.

  2. I hope Duchess Itty Bitty Titties can keep her clothes on.

    There was a request a while back for topics to write about. Would you please write about the people who have been bulldozed by the Gruesome Twosome? Thanks!

    (Paul Emsley, editor of Irish Mirror, nurse, sacked guard on wedding day….

  3. I just can’t believe this couple. It upsets me. I live in Australia and times are tough here – I know that now, because I am trying to work/study/pay off a home loan myself and have many bills coming in. I read about the economic situation in European countries and know Europeans are doing it even tougher at the moment! How they can go for a holiday when times are so tough for most people is unbelievable. So much for showing solidarity for their subjects!

    I just think that Prince William and Kate have no idea how the ‘other half’ live! They get all their accomodation/living expenses/holidays/clothes, etc paid for by the tax-payer. They don’t seem to understand that as ‘public property’, they have a duty to the people, eg that their role and duty in life is to the public, to bring awareness to different campaigns eg suicide prevention (after the nurse committed suicide!), good obstetric care for pregnant mothers, etc, to always behave with decorum (the French holiday when supposed to be at the Paralympics).

    Personally, I think that these two are starting to lose touch with their role in life and I think if Princess Diana was still alive today, she would be horrified. She would be turning over in her grave. Though she had her mental problems, I think she did care for the people in low socio-economic groups, she tried to bring awareness to good causes eg land-mines – I have even heard people say that she might have lost her life because of this. She stated that she wasn’t going to be Queen of England, but she wanted to be the Princess of People’s Hearts and in spite of her failings, I think she achieved this and I think she tried to instil this in Princes William and Harry.

    Just when I think these two can’t get any worse, they do. I don’t see the Royal Family lasting much longer. They need to justify their existence to the people and I don’t see these two cutting it! The Royals are not about fashion, the high life and holidays (which these two stand for), they are about bring awareness to charitable work and being ambassadors for England. If these two don’t want to be ‘Royals’, then they should renounce their Royal connection and go and be ‘normal’ people but I hate to say, I don’t think they would survive as normal people either – they are too used to being molly-coddled!

    Rant over!!!

  4. I just read about this on celebitchy and could not believe it.
    They are acting like celebrities. Most celebrities work.
    I wonder what HM thinks of all this? Or is PW so spoilt that even she has no control over him?
    This does not bode well for the monarchy’s future.
    I only wish they put as much energy into their charity work as they do their vacations.

  5. These two are inconsiderate at what is going on with the rest of the population. Maybe they should stay there. Their attitude makes one wonder how they will rule Britain as king and queen.

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