Should the Middletons be given titles?

Should the Middletons be given titles?

Carole should be Countess Mother of Gold Diggers.

What are your thoughts


6 thoughts on “Should the Middletons be given titles?

  1. Well one thing is sure Carole (it is said) is DESPERATE for a title and would accept ANYTHING even Countess of Goldiggers, Marchioness of Machinations, Duchess of Duping, Lady Stalking – etc etc. We already have the King of Cakemakers and Pippa Desperately Seeking SOMETHING! Whatever Willy bestows on them and he will as sure as eggs are eggs (he will be nagged to death until he does!) there will be much tittering behind closed doors! Ma won’t be happy tho’ until somebody curtseys to her (preferably the Queen)! Oh and don’t forget Uncle Gaz and what he has already announced – Duke of Wapping or whatever!

  2. Are you f**king kidding me???!!!! If this happens there will be a revolution which will make the French and Russian Revolutions look like peanuts compared to what will happen in the UK.

  3. These are my titles for them:
    James – Viscount Drags Dead Squirrels
    Pippa – Countess La Pippa
    Carole – Countess Fake Crest of Ikea
    Michael- Earl of Sumo Diapers
    Uncle Gary- Earl of BANG! BANG!
    William – ( in future) King Bring Down the Monarchy

  4. I would’nt be surprised if the middletones are given titles, especially when williboy is king of GB. William is closer to his in-laws than his own family. Just look at who he chose to spend Christmas with and other holidays.
    Carole = granduchess of london and queen of cloths
    micheal = grand duke of london and leeds
    james = count sir james
    pippa = her ladyship, duchess pippa

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