Can you spot the difference? Or maybe my attention to detail is reaching too far.




8 thoughts on “difference?

    • What’s really funny is that you are right about the dimples and you went and changed your answer. I will post another picture of her chin. I honestly believe that when she started to get fillers her dimples disappeared (dimples surgery?). If you go back to her old pictures then you’ll notice she didn’t have dimples early into the relationship and then all of a sudden. I’ll do a spam of no dimple Kate so everyone can see what I see. As far as the face lift goes I think she got one around the time of the Olympics.

  1. Her nose is less bulbous. She is botoxed to the hilt…..eye brows are all jacked up. And she has either used fillers to create very defined cheek bones or she’s had cheek bone implants like her favorite Angelina Jolie had.

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