Should the Middletons be given titles?

Should the Middletons be given titles?

Carole should be Countess Mother of Gold Diggers.

What are your thoughts



So I’m sorry I haven’t done any post in a while but I’m extremely busy with work and school. Along with that I’m also having brain farts (excuse my language). So if anyone has ideas on what you would like to see my opinion on please let me know I won’t bite. Or you can write a piece yourself and I will up load it to the blog and I promise I won’t take create for your work. Until then I’ll try and think of some ideas.

Roland Mouret effect. K-vs-K pt. 3

Kim vs Kate again…

So I saw the quote about kates dress but I never got a chance to read the article but it seems like Roland Mouret handed Kate a compliment then threw a pie in her face. He is saying what everyone else is but in a nicer way. The “Kate effect” really doesn’t have that much of an effect on sales as her PR team would like us to believe. Could it be the fact that most average women a.) Have a budget, b.) Have some kind of shape? Kim may seem like the winner of the fake game so far but more women have at least one or two things that they can relate with Kim rather than Kate.

1. Both are 12 wks
2. Both have pimps as moms
3. Both try hard to be someone
4. Etc., too many to type on my phone.

Kim wins this round.

Kim 1 Kate 2 ( she announced her pregnancy first)


I just had an epiphany about Kate, now i just need to decide if i want to share and deal with people complaining or just keep it to myself.