really will and Kate are spending Christmas with the middletons. I’m so over these two. Why are they allowed to break tradition for the sake of Kate, I’m starting to wonder if Will is treating his family so that he can do stupid shit. I know the queen and doe are up in age but “if” this girl is carrying an heir why are you letting her and your spoiled grandson slip through your fingers.

Sorry about the language above I am a old soul and love traditions and family. But I just don’t understand how you marry into a high profile family (I’m pretty sure there were warnings about what her life would be like ) and go in and help turn shit upside-down. Honestly Will nor Kate are the victims anymore they are both enabling each other but I wish they would just go join the middleton royal family instead of ruining the BRF.
Christmas with the middletons

Ok done with my rant its too early and I had too much to drink last night.


5 thoughts on “WTF!

  1. I also do not understand why Waity and Willy are allowed to break protocol and royal tradition. Everyone else in the family share Christmas at Sandringham, why not W&W? It really makes me think that something is up…the whole hospital fiasco, the RF never really made much of a comment…and nipple-gate…I was also surprised when she presented the award for sports per…she came out like a celebrity not a royal. What’s going on? Something is going on behind the scenes. I can’t figure it out except it probably has to do with W & W & the Midds. I’m guessing that they don’t know either. It will be a surprise.

  2. It does not bode well for the future of the monarchy. Some traditions ought to stay. No need to change just for the sake of changing. To me the the RF is no longer the house of Windsor but Middleton. Yeah William Middleton. Might as well give the baby the Middleton last name, too.

    Having said that though I wouldn’t mind so much if the Middletons were sincere, honest people…but I just don’t feel that they are.

    I’m sure others including myself have mentioned this before ie most celebrities actually work and probably do more charity work than these two.

    By the way Merry Christmas + Happy New Year everyone! I probably won’t be online as often in the next few wks.

  3. It seems Willy and Waity are being let go to easily. Maybe the RF just doesn’t want them around. Who exactly is that manor house in Berkshire for? Personally, I think it is for Will and Kate. Personally, I think there will be a change very soon…a big one. It will happen after Christmas.

    • Angelique – couldn’t agree more re who the Manor House is for and yes there is definitely something going on, perhaps more will be revealed in the New Year. A happy Christmas everyone – really enjoy your posts.

      • When kate married into the RF she knew what she was getting herself into. The RF became her new family and she has to blend in and adopt their traditions. It makes me sick to see william treat his family as third priority and nothing, his father made mistakes but prince charles loves his sons and the queen loves them too.Waity and Williboy should be with the rest of the royal family. Something fishy must be going behind closed doors.

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