The usual Kate

Kate what happened? Why didnt they get Zara to present she was in the Olympics. Whose idea was it for THIS to be her first event after the baby announcement? I actually love that shade of green but that dress looks like the red version of Beulah dress she wore last year. That split was awful i had hope she would dress like an expecting mom rather than someone going to the Oscars. Kate i should not be able to see your vag, and you almost showed the world the lower half of you again when you went in for that scratch.


10 thoughts on “The usual Kate

  1. That slit is highly, highly inappropriate. I’m not against slits but only when they are stylish, classy and elegant. A high middle slit though is rarely flattering, especially for someone with such a high profile pregnancy.

    You are so right, what on earth is she doing there? No relevance at all. Zara would definitely have been more suitable.

  2. Kate should not have been given the honors of presenting the award, she left the paralympics before it was over. The PR are using anything good to boost her damaged image.As for her dress i did’nt like it, the colour green was okay but the design and how it looked on her was not good.

  3. I know it isn’t her fault, but I found it shocking in the latest DM online format, the article just below the headline of the burial of the nurse Jacintha was an article of KM with her usual wide mouth grin ‘sharing a joke with Beckham’. Really disgusting. She wasn’t well enough to make the funeral in London, but was miraculously better in order to doll up for the cameras at a high profile ‘celebrity’ sport event. There are no words…

    • That crossed my mind, too.
      If she really was unwell she needn’t attend the full funeral…she could have turned up for a 5min appearance. Unless she has privately visited the family + we don’t know about it.
      I feel that If KM really wanted to she can do something, even a small gesture (beyond the statement they released, which is just protocol) she can. It’s a tragedy and nothing will bring the nurse back but I do feel that KM, in her position and role can in some small measure help validate or alleviate the family’s pain. It would also show her in a more caring light.
      I think though that KM+PW are trying to distance themselves from what happened.

    • Angelique you are so right waity is shallow, fake and all she and williboy think of is them selves. They are devoted to themselves, to hell with the rest. Can you imagine the queen had to invite the widdles for xmas so waity could attend.

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