It was all planned…

It was all planned…

So this article sounds like something one of the Middletons sat down and told KN personally or the duchess herself. For a second i thought i was reading a novel. It even admits that she smokes oh and Kate will apparently be 12 weeks during Christmas which is when she was going to tell the family about the baby. And I’m sorry but didn’t Kate already spend her last Christmas with her family? I thought that once you marry into a royal family they become your new family and i understand not cutting all communication from your own family but Kate knew what she was getting into right…




9 thoughts on “It was all planned…

  1. My first thought on the article was that it was an obvious damage control exercise to detract from the tragic story of Jacintha the nurse who took her own life. Many are now saying that the blame should be put on Kate’s shoulders and not the Australian Radio stations presenters. It is being argued on many other sites and forums that Kate could have easily been treated at home thereby not creating the media circus at the hospital which resulted in a nurse tragically taking her own life. Others are saying that the healthy regime/getting pregnant quickly story is a red herring to detract from possible IVF intervention – who knows? Much talk too about the Goldsmith wing at Kensington Palace and from the article it looks as if Carole and Pippa can’t wait to pitch up there, followed closely no doubt by the Cakemaker! What has William done allowing this motley crew to infiltrate the once respected RF?

  2. Personally, I find it rather peculiar that a married 31 year old woman still needs to be attached to Mummy’s aprong strings. Loving your children also means lettting them go on to develop their own lives and family’s. I think being a part of a close family is wonderful, I wish my own were closer; however, there is something strange about these Middleton ‘adults’ constantly having to regroup to get their ‘security’ fix. I just find it odd. Maybe it is a consequence of them being so out of their league socially and pretending to be something their are not – it must be very stressful and they thus need to go home to recharge their batteries and let it all hang out (literally) in preparation for climbing the next rung up on the social ladder.

    • Marcella. Great post and you have hit the nail on the head in so many ways with regard to this strange social climbing family who are way out of their league despite trying not to be. The thing that also grates on so many of us is Kate’s horribly fake and embarrassing accent.

  3. I’ve made myself read through the first part of this article before then having to stop before I threw up. Anyway so far my favourite part is ‘…gave up alcohol. It wasn’t much of a sacrifice, as she has never been a big drinker’. Well I wonder what made her topple out of night clubs and repeatedly flash her crotch. Classy girl indeed.

    The article is very much like reading a novel indeed. Who do they think they are fooling?

  4. I feel bad for the nurse Jacintha, she took her own life and left a family behind.Which is very sad. The hospital directors should have reacted differently. On Kate and her family, they are slowly trying to take over from the royal family. I am still pazzled by Kate’s illness, some say when you suffer from that serious illness it takes months to recover, yet Kate recovered after 3 days.There is something fishy about this issue.

  5. The whole story stinks. There is much more than we know. I hope the Labour leader (I’ve forgotten his name) will force a thorough and honest investigation. I’m not sure if that is possible when Wlliam and Kate are involved.

    I think there were a number of factors that contributed to Nurse Saldan ha’s suicide (If it was suicide). The person who screwed it up was the person who drove Kate to the hospital without alerting PC or HM. Had they known, Security would have presumably set up camp at the hospital and thoroughly briefed everyone who would be working with Kate et al. This either did not happen or it was performed in a shoddy manner.

    If I remember correctly, protection officers were blamed partially for the Tuscany fiasco because they hadn’t patrolled the area. Is royal security that bad or is William’s m.o. predictably juvenile, i.e. blame someone else when something goes wrong. Sounds like Big Willy, doesn’t it?

    I have no doubt that Diana’s adorable chubby blonde-headed boy can be a miserable f*** when he feels the need. And I am CERTAIN that he made some choice comments to at least one nurse (and why not the other?) And really, I still want to know who drove Kate to the hospital.

    • @ Angelique
      I fully agree. There’s definitely more to it than we will ever know.
      I also don’t doubt PW having a major ‘off with their heads’ moment.

  6. I was thinking about that myself and wondering why no one on the DM has commented as such. It would be entirely in character for William to kick up a major stink and for the hospital to make a scapegoat of the ‘little people’. It is also strange that the other nurse, the one who gave away KM’s details, has kept silent. I wonder if the letter the family admitted to having today will reveal anything…

  7. I have feeling that williboy was very upset as usual and who knows said a lot of things, he was probably in one of the “off with your heads” moment. The media treats waity and williboy with kid gloves.

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