Baby Middleton drama

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I don’t know what the coverage is like anywhere else in the world especially the UK but Kate’s baby situation is the only news we Americans seem to have. People have stopped murdering each other, robbers have stop robbing, kids are actually going to school and learning something (sarcasm)…Not. You would think she is going to give birth to the messiah, or as the Onion would like to call it a demon (warning not for those who are full of themselves as well as Kate). To be honest I’m not annoyed yet by the coverage of Kate +8, i was expecting this its almost the same preparation for when the world ends.

My thoughts on the child that’s making sure his/her mother stays thin are not important. But here you are anyways; I actually feel sorry for Kate if she really is throwing up constantly.I played that game my body last year, although i was not pregnant i have something that was life threatening , i burst a blood vessel in my eye,i never got sleep and i couldn’t hold anything anything in my body that include the acid at the bottom of the stomach (used to break your food down and life threatening once its no longer in your system). So i Kate was feeling like this for several days even just one day then its perfectly understandable.

But when it comes to everything else i am not so understandable to Kate. Everyone is wondering why the Queen and Charles  did not know about the pregnancy. There is absolutely no reason for Kate or William not phone at least one person of what was going on.Yes i understand that they are adults and she was with her family but it was only a phone call that could have been made to make the stress a little bit easier. These two are known for giving last minute information look at their engagement.

Will reminds me of my younger brother, he wants to live under my parents roof but not work but come and go as he likes all while getting feed and a free air and heat. In this case  William seems like he has the middle child syndrome the “I need love because i  did not receive enough when i was a child,so i will create havoc now as an adult because you will always bail me out … i hate you aka i love you i just don’t know how to use my words”.  The only fix for this type of situation is for the Queen to set William and Kate free, now royal perks, that includes cars, houses and century long vacations. They definitely need to know what its like to struggle and have to go to work everyday even when you hate the job. I think this will make will see that the Middletons are not all they claim to be he will become annoyed by them. Oh how i wish the Queen would do this and make so they could not benefit from free gifts as well. But this will never be the Queen is a Taurus and it takes a lot for her to get angry so i will continue to dream on.

I am sort of on the same boat as the people who are questioning if Kate is really pregnant. She is the type of person to do what everyone still thinks Beyonce did and fake her pregnancy. Yeah i typed it “Kate could fake a pregnancy”. The whole hospital thing is a little iffy. And then there are those who believe that HG means she is having twins, that would be highly entertaining to see and i vote for a reality show if it is twins. But i am hoping its at least 6+ only because of the fertility treatments. I am hoping Kate does gain some weight because her frail frame caring just one baby would not look so good let alone the twins the mm’s want.

While we are talking about Kate’s creepy stalkers ( by the way if you are reading this please pay attention). STOP picking names for this child i honestly believe that you are jinxing this child who hasn’t had a chance to start fully developing yet, you would be pissed of if Kate lost the baby and then turned around and blamed it on those who see pass bs. Secondly saying “we’re having a baby” when referring to Kate and her baby as yours is also creepy because the last time i checked it was will and Kate made a baby and not you. Calm down a little your creepiness at least until she makes her first appearance since the announcement or until she starts showing.

A little fashion note: I like that William wears his old sneakers, its his comfort item almost like a blanket for a toddler.

P.S. go check out tumblr its really enteresting over there (sarcasm).

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3 thoughts on “Baby Middleton drama

  1. I find it somewhat amusing over here in Australia. I noticed that one of our major (supposedly high brow) newspapers pretty much always calls her Catherine and writes syrupy flattering articles about her (reader reaction comments a mixture of who cares/non story vs I love KM). However on the tv news the other night the presenter called her Kate when reporting her release from hospital. Not Duchess Kate, just ‘Kate’. It was also not major headline news but mentioned only after the weather, just before the end of the program (ie the same sort of slot for reporting stories such as a puppy being able to skateboard or something).
    I’m surprised the US have been bombarded with KM news. It’s understandable if we do since we are still not a republic. I’d be interested to hear about coverage in other parts of the world, too.

    • @ Maria in my country Zambia there is’nt much or any coverage, our national News Broadcasting station has not even mentioned it. I think their those in America who need to keep the royal fairytale alive.

      • Unfortunately Disney is to blame for this permanent rose colored glasses that the Americans seems to be wearing. I really do hate that there are some so easily fooled, but on the bright side I’m not in that majority.

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