Baby Middleton on the way

Yes Kate is pregnant i guess that friend that who leaked the information was right. I honestly have nothing bad to say about her being pregnant. But i do believe that her being pregnant will result in William moving back to London to be a full-time royal.

P.S. the mini-middletons are shitting themselves right now.


7 thoughts on “Baby Middleton on the way

  1. What I’m worried about is the baby’s health…KM really needs to eat properly amongst other things. It’s no longer about just her.

  2. I am a nurse and I have seen the transcript of the phone conversation to the hospital and that should never have happened! I once looked after a famous AFL footballer here, in Australia and we were told if anyone asked us about him, we were not to say anything. In the event of a royal family member, it is highly unlikely, in my opinion, that any member of the Royal family would be calling the hospital asking for information and in the event that they were, I know that in the event of ICU patient admissions here, the family are given a PIN number if they do call, in case it is media asking for personal information about patients! What further disturbs me, is that the receptionist and nurse at no point asked who was speaking, and what relation they were to the patient!

    I personally think that the DJ’s did it as a prank and probably never thought they would get put through at all, similar to a programme here a few years ago that broke through some security for some important meeting and also did it as a joke – but if people were doing their jobs properly, these things would never happen.

    It amuses me, being an Australian, that these DJ’s got away with this, but as a nurse, it should never have happened with such a high profile person!

    • Ana, your insight on this is helpful + interesting. It is a major lapse of professionalism on the hospital’s part. I wonder if the nurse who blabbed was perhaps ‘giddy with excitement’ and so let her guard down. No excuse though!

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