still just Kate

I have nothing to say about the latest appearance of the DoD. But i found something interesting when i went to website. There is an article that says “Kate Debuts 70s-Inspired New Look During Night Out in London“, just that title says a lot what others think of her.

  1. They call her Kate not the Duchess of Cambridge this is an ongoing annoying conversation that her lovely followers keep fighting for. My thought is that if a publication is calling her that then its more that just ok the rest of the world do so. “I’m very much still Kate”
  2. Not going to comment on her 70’s inspired look.
  3. “Night out in London”, obviously they have gotten used to only seeing her out on the town rather than doing work. But wait this is work, not. This girl has only been to her charities once this year alone, and apparently she is going back to her old school to catch up on whose in and whose out.
  4. DailyMail needs a slap in the face, why are they still comparing her Princess Diana. They did no such thing when she wore the dress last time, so whats so different about this time. Can there be a law passed that no one is allowed to compare Diana and Kate?
  5. This is my favorite picture of the night even though with the hair in her face she still look crazy in the other pictures. Strange face: Kate was caught mid-conversation at the glittering event

I will update later when i find a video of her speech.


3 thoughts on “still just Kate

  1. I had to laugh at the heading ‘Kate Debuts new 70’s look’. After major criticism on many blogs of Waity’s appearance at the event, the PR’s or ‘powers that be’ probably think that they are being extremely clever by turning it into a positive ie as if the look was intended – what a joke! In addition to the ‘mad’ look the hands are being waved about again and there is that peculiar underbite look which someone likened to being ‘wolf like’

  2. The second photo definitely is a little mad.
    Our local press reported on her hair too but the article was littered with overall descriptions of KM as ‘ladylike’ or ‘demure’ etc. Surely the writer must have lost their dictionary. Or their senses. All I could think of was KM’s crotch shots/her falling out of night clubs.

  3. I seriously wonder about the state of the “free” press in GB. I read so much b.s. about Duchess Waity that I am shocked at the bias towards her. I wonder, too, Maria about reports of her as demure and lady-like. Did the reporters not see her bending over in a short skirt and high heels while playing hockey? This would have been the perfect occasion to wear PANTS!
    Diana or HM would never have done this. Kate could have just hit the ball ONCE and then watch the kids. Because the day was about the kids and the school, NOT Kate. She still puts herself right in the spotlight. Didn’t France teach her anything?

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