nothing new

Briefing of the events yesterday:

  1. William never looks back at Kate. I honestly believe that if any man cares about the person they are with they would at least look back once.
  2. Kate recyled another coat, i’m not surprised at all she again is the loudest person in the room with her red coat and nothing to talk about.
  3. New hair. Nope her hair isnt really new she just cute some bangs and it looks like she did it herself. I would like to point out that her hair is not the same.
    Kate’s hair had layers in the engagement photos unlike her hair now its just blah.
  4. Pregnant? Not. She is far away from being pregnant. Please remember that this is a girl that who knows how get attention.
  5. Clutch is really old and tacky, somethings from the ’90s and early ’00s should never be brought back and this is one.
  6. She looks extremely over the top the creepy smile and deer in headlights look.


11 thoughts on “nothing new

  1. Many have commented that the new style is the result of so much criticism of her ‘sausage curls’ of the past, hence the new straightened look.

  2. I have just tried to open this page and it says site not found! I am so glad that I have retried and your post came up. Beware Waity out, as this is what happened to HK and Enclave before everything went t**s up

  3. This is the reply I had

    Anyone but Waity ~ Duchess of Lazy
    Not Found!
    What you were looking for doesn’t exist or isn’t here anymore. We are sorry 😦
    Please return to the home page or use the search box above

  4. I posted on the one ‘not found’ that sites are being closed (illegally apparently) and are being investigated. If you are closed come over to glitzglamandgossip and PM one of us.

  5. I haven’t found any problems getting on this site. I’m glad because I really need some laughter at the end of the day. I hope you keep writing Waity out. I appreciate clever humor!

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