Kim -vs- Kate


                                            Kate 1          Kim 0

So Kim sent Kate some cheap clothes and she sent them back. I do hope that she kept something but then again this is the woman who buys a $3000 coat only to wear it while walking the dog. For those who are worried that these two wont become the bffs that they are meant to be you have nothing to worry about. Kate still has time both Kim and Kate are very determined females who eventually get what they want. If Kate doesn’t wear any of her clothes then theirs always the rest of the Middletons. By the way for those who did not know Kim designed a shoe for Kates 30th birthday.

Kim Kardashian's 'The Duchess Show', from the ShoeDazzleUK range


3 thoughts on “Kim -vs- Kate

  1. I dared to click on the link to the DM article but the first sentence made me gag ‘Kate Middleton is admired for her impeccable style…’


    • It’s really interesting to read the articles written about the gift giving. Everyone is doing major km ass kissing. When you think about it Kim got what she wanted, for her and kates name to be in the same sentence any publicity is good publicity.

      • ITA. I think it was a publicity stunt. But it’s not as if Kate hasn’t found herself in such a position before. Her mom Carole has been using Kate for free publicity for years!

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