Learn something new everyday…

Is this a joke written by a comedian, maybe? I laughed when I read this. And by them saying that Kate sounds more like the Queen and Charles is an insult. This is just another notch on her ego belt created by her simple PR team. Really is there no one communicating with Kate’s PR  people (besides the DM, etc.) so that stupid stuff like this isn’t printed.



2 thoughts on “Learn something new everyday…

  1. Such TRANSPARENT PR that it is a JOKE! There have been an awful lot of desperate PR articles around at recently; the PR’s must have been threatened with the sack if they don’t improve her image but sadly it is FAR too late for that! Her accent is SO FAKE that even someone living on a sink estate would recognise it as such. WHO are they kidding!!??

  2. Do they not realise this type of publicity does more harm than good? No amount of spin can save KM. As Romilly said, it is far too late.
    The only way to redeem her image is to do some genuine work.

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