Recyled Boring

Ugh this is one dress i did not the first time i saw it and i definetly do not like it the second time around. This is the same Kate we saw the night before. Same boring clothing, same hair in the face, same over done lace. I’m not a fan of lace i personally believe that lace should be worn in moderation or in the bedroom (i have an old soul).

hair in the face- acts as a shield to protect her from something or someone. Question is what/who is she trying to shield herself from? The world has seen her and her pieces already. She should be comfortable in the place she meet her husband, St. Andrews should be a second home to her. Instead she looks freaked out like lupo did last night. I do hope someone on her team hasn’t told her that wearing her hair like that will make her look innocent.

clutch- When i first saw the pictures from last night i thought someone photo-shopped the red clutch in her hands. Red is a statement color and everyone knows this as well as Kate. So why does the Duchess need to make a statement in the first place? First of all she is a Middleton and secondly she wanted to be the loudest one in the room with the accomplished people in the room without saying anything (which would not be much because she isn’t on any of their levels). I’ve said this in the past but i do believe that Kate uses her clutches as shield from having too much contact with others.

lace- Again I’m not a fan of lace but its like crack for her. Remember she is an Exhibitionist and loves attention. But i do wish she would have worn a different under dress because its so boring. Spice it up a little wear a deep red or gold under dress. That would have been a great statement piece and she would have no use for the clutch.

William- He always seems like her accessory rather it being the other way around. I will say that his pr team knew what they were doing when they made sure be mentioned St. Andrews was the place he meet the love of his life. I thought that was the sweetest form of affection from him. But it seemed that her pr team may not communicate with his, which would explain why she mentioned stalking him in college and that horrible piece of cloth she wore to reel him in.

P.S. There was a crystal poppy involved in this event and unfortunately it was smothered by Kate’s hair. Is that fashion show the only memory she has of her college days? If so thats really bad, i wonder if that the only memory william has of her also.


2 thoughts on “Recyled Boring

  1. I have mentioned on other blogs that it was a completely DISASTEROUS (PR or ma Widdles?) idea to bring up that tacky ‘reel him in garment’ from her catwalk days.
    Some prize twit thought that by associating the ‘see through net ensemble’ with the lace dress last night was a PR coup and it would negate the joke that Waity has become globally for parading her wares in front of PW to catch his attention. Who on earth wants a future Queen Consort like that? As often mentioned, let’s not forget the vulgar (deliberate?) crotch shots which were said again to get him back after he dumped her!! I won’t go down the road of boob and bumgate and Joan Rivers ensuing comments. Waity appears to be TOTALLY unsuitable for the role, in addition, she has proved that she is inarticulate, lacking in elementary conversation skills, doesn’t appear genuine (or warm hearted like Camilla), no apparent charitable bones in her body, only interested in acting like a D list celebrity – appears to becoming Katie Price’s clone (see pic in yesterday’s DM) and is rumoured to have a rather nasty side behind Palace doors. Enough said!

  2. +1 Romilly.

    ITA. She is on the level of K Kardashian. I actually think they would get along quite well. Seriously.
    Kate has nothing to offer decent respectable people. She is an utter failure.
    William, she makes you look like an idiot. As long as he keeps her, he’ll look more and more like a fool.

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