No words

I honestly have no words about Duchess of Lazy recent appearance. I think everything that could possibly be said has been said. This girl no longer surprises me. Princess Bea was also at the event last night…

Low-key: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her dog Lupo attend the Burlington Bazaar, a charity fundraiser in Mayfair, London

Oh wait i take that back; I feel sorry for Lupo he is being used like a new toy on a kids playground. Have you ever noticed that when Lupo is out in public place he is on his leash ( yes i know its the law) and usually being dragged around. But when he is with William he’s free as a bird. I would like to apply that to their future parenting skills (no Kate is not pregnant) and Will looks like a great parent (loving and affectionate) while Kate on the other hand… Maybe that’s why they are holding off on reproducing, Kate might not be able to handle the pressure of someone else getting all of Williams attention. Think about it, she is an attention whore (more or less).

By the way it looks like somebody git some new boots. I actually like these they do not seem so outdated. Lupo look so freaked out.


4 thoughts on “No words

  1. I would never take my dog out in to crowds where there were flashing camera bulbs and unexpected noise etc as it would terrify her. It has been suggested several times on other blogs that Lupo was wheeled out to counteract criticism for rarely being seen since his initial debut or (two!) What a crass idea to take him to the Burlington Arcade – he looks nervous and unhappy. What a strange outfit to wear to a charity event too but presumably thought to go with the dog walking look. I really think Waity should change whoever is advising her PRONTO. Where was Pippa’s poppy?

  2. I felt so sorry for poor Lupo, who certainly does not belong as a fashion prop in order to give waity some ‘kudos’ Whatever else did the silly airhead take a dog to a totally inappropriate venue?

    ”Kate decided to take her gorgeous black pup Lupo along to a charity fundraiser with Pippa.
    Dressed in brown knee-high boots, skinny blue jeans, a black jumper and a brown coat with black fur trim, Kate kept her appearance low-key so as not to steal the limelight from the real focus of the evening.…all-the-details

    I actually laughed when I read this article. Waity certainly used Lupo to steal the limelight

  3. I think I have worked out why waity brought Lupo to a totally inappropriate venue. Camilla has been in the headlines this week, pictured with animals- Ha caught you out waity

  4. She looks bizarre in these pics. From her expression to her choice to bring Lupo to a party at the mall. Weird.

    BTW, she looks as old as me these days. I’m 47.

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