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  1. Her Majesty needs to be saved from that simple child. The media portrays these two as close but i think QE feels very uncormfortable with this self conscious child, please can someone save Her Majesty.

  2. The English monarchy desperately needs saving but with KM and PW as the next generation + how things are heading, I wonder if it may be too late…

  3. To me, HM looks very stern and annoyed. Kate doesn’t seem to have noticed. She just keeps chatting away Has she no common sense?
    She really needs a handler beside her at all times, tellling her when to smile, speak, look serious. I really wonder about the future of the BRF. A lot of people make fun of Kate and her frivolity. I’ve started to change my opinion in a way…Kate could possibly have a far greater impact on the future of the monarchy than one might imagine, quite possibly a negative one.

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