A family full of very large egos.

Why? The Middleton family are private citizens and not entitled to official police protection

So the Middletons have been waiting on Pippa to go on a press tour for her book before they showed their faces. According to Rebecca English at the Daily Mail the Middletons have let their connection to royalty go straight to their heads. There has been two instances where royal protection officers have swept the places where the Pippa will be. Maybe this is Kate’s way of being their for her sister while she sits at home playing the victim. To add more salt to the womb wound DM did a piece on James Middleton about his dyslexia. There is a positive point in this article but unfortunately they have already mentioned this after his sister got married. By the way i tried reading it but i got really bored of repetition. Come on and write something original.

P.S. love the video of the children saying they hate princesses and also how natural she sounds like she’s not trying to be someone she’s not.


12 thoughts on “A family full of very large egos.

  1. The Mail had the heading ‘do they think they are Royal?’. Unfortunately they do, posing and posturing with no sense of decorum in a way no other Royal relative has ever done before! There are thousands of complaints in the Press and on line about the tax payer having to pay for the protection officer’s security sweeps. The Middletons are intensely disliked by a large portion of the public and if I were them I too would want protection from the many crazy people out there BUT they should pay for it themselves.

    • @Romilly

      Totally agree with you. If they want to act like a family of poseurs, I have no objection (gives us something to talk about) but I resent having to pay for them.

      Why couldn’t they just carry on with their lives without all this ridiculous posteuring?

  2. I’ve heard them compared to the Kardashians but the Kardashains actually work (I never thought I would say that). Seriously, Bruce is an Olympic champion, Kris has a successful business, Kourtney is a mom, Khloe is feverishly trying to get pregnant and Kim continues to get involved with the wrong men, wear ugly clothes and behave like an idiot.
    Kate is fast on Kim’s heels…the only thing she has yet to do is a sex video. Wait a minute! Kate’s already done that. We have a winner!!
    If I had to choose, I would say the Kardashian klan is more accomplished. However, if the Midds had their own reality show, I would watch it.

    • I agree with that completely. Sometimes I wonder where would the middletons be if the kardashians didn’t exist and Kim never made that sex tape.

      I feel guilty but I would watch keeping up with the middletons. I want them to get one it maybe highly entertaining.

  3. IMO the Middleton’s have sold their souls to the DM… along with the dignity of the Royal Family. In just one article on Pippa’s book launch they managed to squeeze in promotion not only her book, but Party Pieces and the Cakemaker’s cakes (pictured in video). Just in case that wasn’t enough, a simpering story on James’ dyslexia (which I am not belittling, but lots of people cope with it admirably everyday) just happens to feature one of his very underwhelming phototransfer cakes. The overt and prolifitc cashing in by this family by their royal connection is just vulgar and greedy in the extreme.

  4. Yes the sad truth is that even celebrities (z grade or otherwise) work.
    Honestly if this is the future then the English monarchy is going down the drain.
    I wonder what the Queen thinks of all this.

  5. The Middletons have it in their head that they are royalty. Look at how they behave, acting like celebrities and taking advantage of their royal connections.
    Maria i think the Queen is embarrassed by this family except she does her best to hide her true feelings about this family, the Spencers and Fergusons did not act like this.

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