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  1. By the way, this photo was taken the night she gave the paps a very intimate view of what was under her dress. If you see the series of pics (first to last) you can tell that in the photo above, she is grinning at the cameras because she realized her mistake.

    Grin? How about hide your face in shame, Kate.

    Between the night club photos and the photos taken in France, I have seen every piece of Ms Middleton. Blech!

    • Angelique. Obviously Willy thought it hilarious too, just look at his face!! They are supposed to be our future King and Queen Consort. No wonder they receive so much criticism, they are both totally unsuited to the job!

  2. I agree we have pretty much seen every part of her.
    I know they say there have been topless pics of Princess Stephane (or her sister?) of Monaco etc but for me the difference is that unlike KM, Stephanie’s not married to the future King of England…

  3. @Maria. I think that we have actually seen EVERY bit of her – don’t forget crotch shots, full frontal (John Rivers even made a joke about her pubic hair – eeew). Those shots will never go away and will follow her til the end of her days. This is person who is supposed to become Queen Consort and have respect,

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