Real or fake smile.

There have moments were I’ve seen Kate smile and it looks genuine.


Then there is the cheshire grin that she does that comes off very creepy and makes her look insane.


3 thoughts on “Real or fake smile.

  1. She now has teeth like a movie star, on top anyway. Look at her top row vs her bottom row-quite a difference. It makes her look fake, fake, fake.

  2. I think she’s genuinely happiest when she’s in pretty clothes + being photographed ie treated like a celebrity. As long as you don’t bore her eg night visit at that shelter where she rolled her eyes or interview her eg UNICEF tour.

  3. According to the Express Newspaper (front page) waity has come top in a poll ‘for our most natural beauty’. WHO are they kidding – alleged hair extensions and dye, fake tan, plastered on make up with hideous kohl eyes, realigned worked on teeth, slimmed to the nth degree etc etc etc!

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