Fumble pt.2: Clothing

The low cut kimono style dress that Kate wore. She obviously is obsessed with show off her legs and her boobs in the wonder bra. The public should never know where moles are on someone that cant be seen when wearing respectful clothing. Modesty is something she lacks.



4 thoughts on “Fumble pt.2: Clothing

  1. Look at Waity’s cheshire cat grin looking at the woman. Waity is thinking ” I am so tall, slim and beautiful like a gazelle in my designer clothes while you look like a short fat fire hydrant covered in slipcovers.” That’s all this vacuous woman can think about….. how she looks. She has no character or substance whatsoever.

    • It is strange how tense he seems around her. Why marry someone you can’t take out in public, Will?

      I agree this dress was too revealing on top and it’s boring, too. In fact everything she wore on this tour was boring except for the blue lace dress. Someone must have chosen that for her. God knows she never could have done it on her own.

  2. The neckline isn’t really appropriate. Surely anyone can see that.

    I was watching Helen Castor’s BBC documentary on England’s early queens. While I don’t condone everything these queens did, I certainly admire their courage, intelligence, ability to adapt + rise above set backs. Of course things are different now but it’s kind of made KM’s shortfalls all the more glaring.

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