fumbles pt.2: Clothing


Those extremely tight cut off your circulation to your legs pants. I will be honest i love the color but i really do think this was wrong for the occasion. Does she own any nice khakis or dress pants? I have added these to the burn soon please list.


5 thoughts on “fumbles pt.2: Clothing

  1. These jeggings are just plain awful. Again, the exhibitionist is working it. Showing off her Middleton body in a most inappropriate way. No class what so ever. Great. Here’s your future queen. unbelievable.

  2. I love how this “Fumbles” thread just goes on and on!!

    In answer to your question, NO she does not have a nice pair of dress pants. After seeing her in jeggings, I hope she keeps wearing dresses.

    This woman has not one tiny bit off class in her. And clothing is just the start of the problem.

    • One more thing…William grew up seeing his mother dressed beautifully. How could he settle for Kate? Doesn’t he notice how tacky she looks and acts?

  3. Why does Kate do this? These leggings/trousers are frankly disgusting. What does WK want to achieve by wearing them? The public know she is thin – so what. She just looks tarty or like she has escaped from TOWIE which is allegedly her favourite programme.

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