Fumbles pt.2: Clothing

A little short for being at an event with the Queen, she had to keep pulling the dress down when she was sitting down.

Prince William and Kate Middleton dazzle at gala dinner

I didnt realize how high the split was until now. Wow! She knows how to get attention, the combination of the long (Angeline Jolie) split and the painted toe nails (which are against royal protocol). May be this was her way of saying “hey look i do have personality”.

I thought this was too vibrant and attention grabbing on the queens day. She was the only one that didn’t wear a neutral or calm color. This was the Queens (day) year but she has managed to turn this into Kate’s (day) year.

The infamous ridiculously priced necklace that did not go with the dress or occasion.



3 thoughts on “Fumbles pt.2: Clothing

  1. Pic #1…Why isn’t Waity walking behind the Queen?

    Pic #2… I think she is trying to channel Angelina Jolie in an effort to pull off the minimalist look. She is way off. And the shoes look like a hooker’s.

    Pic #3…She must be wearing a major padded bra! We all know what her real boobies look like.

    Pic #4…What can I say? Trashy, tacky, greedy, dumb.

    • Pic#1: God only knows why she does half the things she do.

      Pic#2: failed attempt to inmate angelina. Apparently she is a big fan of hers.

      Pic#3: wonder bra can be pretty amazing.

      Pic#4: all I can say is, true.

  2. I fully agree.

    Pic #2: I don’t care how $$$ those shoes are or that they are designer label (just because it’s designer you still need to be selective sometimes). They are just wrong for the occasion and definitely don’t go well with the dress.

    All the money in the world and KM can’t get it right. I’ll never tire of the fact that some things money can’t buy.

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