Fumbles pt.2: Clothing

Again with the black stockings and black shoes. Then to top things off this dress was probably the shortest one she has worn.


8 thoughts on “Fumbles pt.2: Clothing

  1. This woman has such disregard of all protocol. She knows nothing about decent kind behavior. She does everything to draw attention to herself. In this day and time, with this terrible economy she is bringing such harm to the royal family. Doesn’t she know how the Queen and her family behaved during WWII? Doesn’t she realize that the people resent her? Doesn’t she know that between her expensive clothes, her many high priced vacations when she does hardly any charitable work is royally pissing the public off? How Marie Antionette can you get? I have always been in favor of the BRF but now I think it is time for them to take their Waity and pack their bags and leave. She and her behavior especially nudiegate is just disgusting.

  2. Clothing should fit the occasion. If it is an official engagement representing the royal family, skirts should be just above knee length & there’s no reason to wear such high heels. If she was going to a private party at a nightclub, then I’d say the outfit was ok, but not for a royal engagement. But looking around at other royal families, I sometimes see the other European princesses wearing outfits I do not approve of. Princess Letizia for instance, often wears pants outfits to formal occasions at the Palace, which I think is incorrect. But apparently, the Queens do not want to say anything to their daughters-in-law probably to avoid causing trouble.

  3. To me, this outfit looks like something she would have worn back in her clubbing days. It is age inappropriate and event inappropriate as well. I remember that Charles and Camilla were at that event too. I don’t like Camilla but she looked 100 times more appropriate than Kate did.
    Why didn’t William stop her before leaving the house? Does he not notice such things? Or maybe he doesn’t care.

    • I was wondering why William lets her walk outside like that but then I remember hearing or reading something said Kate would ask if she looked ok and he would say sure. They said that his response is typical of a man. I honestly believe he could care less about what she wearing, or not wearing.

      • Kate’s outfit is inappropriate for such an occasion. If she was at a night club or at a place having fun then it is okay. Sometimes i wonder whether kate will ever change, because she gets worse everyday.

  4. It has been reported many times that she isn’t very intelligent, rather simple minded in fact and dressing so very inappropriately supports that. It will go down in history that she allegedly hooked PW by parading down the St Andrews catwalk in the see through net ensemble. The relationship appears to be all about looking sexy whatever the occasion!

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