pt.2: clothing



Nick obank/ barcroft media via The Daily Mail

There was nothing really wrong with this choice of clothing. It just seemed too big for her, this is also one of the moments everyone notice how bad her weight loss was. I am an event planner so seeing this kind of extreme weight loss on a future bride was not good. In on of my past post i mentioned what happens to your body when you loss too much weight and where are the pictures to prove it. The crease around her mouth is a sign of rapid weight loss.
uber skinny


3 thoughts on “pt.2: clothing

  1. I gasped at the flimsiness of it. It seemed so inappropriate as I believe it was shortly before her wedding, maybe even the day before, in the Kings Road. It looked as if a puff of wind would blow it straight off her and reveal her undergarments or not!

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