pt.2: Clothing

I really did like this outfit when I saw it but then I realized it was for a wedding. I’m pretty sure a person living underneath a rock for decades knows that black is a symbol of mourning.
This is Kate way of getting attention again and she knew she would with this outfit.
This is a prequel to what was to come from her. I’m pretty sure that once you a engaged to a royal you go through training of what to do and not to do. Its really bad when everyone knows when you’re NOT wearing a bra. Very classy Kate, very classy indeed. The real question is who was Kate mourning the bride, the groom, or herself?





3 thoughts on “pt.2: Clothing

  1. I think the whole outfit shows a distinct lack of class to be honest. Why would one wear black at a wedding in the first place and secondly why wear a see through net? Unbelievable

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