Kate Queen of hearts, lmfao…

I feel really bad for Diana, this woman is dead and Kate’s PR team keeps bringing her up. Its only a matter of time before Diana’s ghost decides to come after her. The pictures of Kate copying Diana very creepy, this whole thing with comparing two completely different women is getting annoying.

Kate Middleton new Queen of Hearts


3 thoughts on “Kate Queen of hearts, lmfao…

  1. The reason the PR team keep bringing Diana up is desperation. The tide has turned against the alleged lazy pair and the PR’s are on a major damage limitation exercise. The public don’t like being treated as fools and can see through their pathetic machinations to make KM into something she can never be. She just hadn’t got what it takes to be Queen Consort and never will have.

  2. I agree the PR machine really was exposed during the porn problem of 2012. It was quite disturbing to see so many attempts to minimize the affects of Booty-gate. I thought GB had a long and proud tradition of free speech. I was wrong. I thought it was against the law to strong-arm editors and publishers and tv news anchors into doing what a government/royal/ordinary person wants to have done.

    How offensive and disgraceful to use Diana in an effort to distract attention from two childish fools frolicking under the Tuscan sun.. Diana’s hounding by the press and subsequent death is NOT the same as two spoiled pampered children using the press for their own benefit, and then bullying them when the preferred articles and photos are not published.

    Get ready for BIG laughs.

  3. The DM article makes me want to throw up.

    It’s amusing in some ways though, that KM has no identity, that we have to project one onto her lest she’ll disappear/become even more irrelevant?!

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