Kate Middleton fumbles pt.1: Videos

I really do love this video because it gives you some great moments.

  1. Kate not knowing Faberge eggs are not made anymore ( she is an art history major)
  2. The Queen’s response to how creepy Kate’s wedding dress was displayed.
  3. And how funny the Queen is even with some dry humor

One thought on “Kate Middleton fumbles pt.1: Videos

  1. In my opinion this video may one day serve as a sort of preview of coming attractions for Waity, the Queen seems very terse with her, like she is already aware of what has shown up on the royal door step. What catches my eye the most is how scary skinny WK is, which brings me to the next point, if she is that skinny, then the (cough) ‘curves’ that wedding dress gave her is indicative of her as a person, “contrived”

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